I don’t remember watching ‘Hostel 3’, so.. 😱

Let’s do that now–at 4:15 in the afternoon, while waiting for part 2 of work from my other boss.

For the movie blog, we’re on Oscars season and was supposed to watch the new ‘Blade Runner’ movie but I wanted to nap and chose a random Netflix movie, which I thought was scary but yay, I really fell asleep from it.

Anyway, I’m also re-watching ‘Bates Motel’ because that’s one of my favorites, ever. It’s still stressful to watch –and that’s good.

Going back to the third installment of ‘Hostel,’ I will finish it today and write about it as well (in here). Edit: so I remember it now. I might have watched it once but I still like the first one better. The second installment, I still watch it occasionally for Jordan Ladd.

Oh, and I’m hungry again haha..


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