I’m not afraid of flying roaches but.. 🤫

Last night we visited my friend’s dad to bring him some flowers. Her grandparents and uncle were also in the same lot, so yay, more flowers.

It wasn’t scary to go to a cemetery at night. Heck, it’s quiet there. I was never the type to avoid places as such. It was dark and the only lights we had were from the car but it was fine.

It was raining the whole day and I totally forgot there was something I was deathly afraid of that can be found there–frogs. Hahaha, there was one near the lot and my friend told me. It hopped away but I froze for a few seconds.

Good thing I didn’t see the poor creature. I’m sorry I’m scared of you. Give me flying cockroaches any day and I’d take them.

You know what’s weird? I liked Sanrio’s Kerokerokeroppi when I was young and I was able to dissect a toad for school, but yeah..

Oh well.

Watching Dunkirk later, finally!!! 🤗

Happy Sunday! ❤️


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