Dimsum dreams and control.. 🐽

The featured photo is the ceiling lights of Shi Lin, Eastwood. So cute, right? An abacus. Anyway, had dinner here last night. I’ve been eating a lot — well.. a bit frequently, lately.

Not too good because I’m always hungry nowadays.. I don’t know what to blame it on but most definitely, hormones. My period changed cycles, so yeah.. If that’s even a thing.

But yeah, I should stop eating so much. Not good.

Now, food photos:

Here’s the abacus lights again. This picture doesn’t even do it justice.. So pretty in real life.
Salt and pepper squid. I almost always need to have a squid dish.
Dumpling on noodles. They were so good!
Ahh, dumplings.. I should learn how to make them.


Day 3 of no coffee. I can do this.


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