Sniffles, goodbyes, and rainy day laziness.. πŸ™

Today I was a bit too sick with sniffles. I had to nap for a longer time. Good thing I was still able to work (yes, from home. So, yay!)

I didn’t want to take meds and be too dependent on them, so I tried to wait it out. The sneezing was a little hard to deal with but it’s a little better now that it’s night time.

Yay for papa, who made chicken adobo for lunch today. No photo because I sniffed it all real fast πŸ˜‰ .

Another friend lost a father. First it was my friend A’s dad, and now my brother and karaoke partner, R’s. Praying for your dads’ souls.

It rained hard today, which made me want to stay in bed more. I was supposed to watch Kingsman when it opened last week. Well, it’s still showing in cinemas. I better move.

Watching a Jonbenet Ramsey documentary (2016) on YouTube. Interesting.. I was on the Netflix preps for the latest docu a while ago, so I searched for any new information.

So yeah..

I was able to productively play mobile games in between work, hehe. Hopefully I can step out tomorrow.

Good night πŸ™‚ .

Photo from Max Pixel.


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