Adulting and patience (and seafood allergies..)

Happy to be writing again! Yay for this entry – two consecutive days (and counting).

Today started a little bit confusing but productive, nonetheless: I prepared soup for someone who didn’t want it. It was totally my fault for assuming, haha! So much for being such a girl scout.

The second one was at the bank. I went to pick up an upgraded card but the guard said I was supposed to go to the other branch. It was a quick walk, like maybe three blocks away. I went to the second branch and it turned out that I was in the correct one in the first place.

It was okay since I got a total upgrade. Unionbank included another EON account when you update your existing one – your normal Visa card to an EMV (that sim-card like thing) one. Security purposes, y’all!


(Additional) new job, holla!
In other news, a friend is offering to have me work with him. It’s writing and piercing-related. Let’s see how it goes.

School and soup kitchen
Also, I had time to brainstorm some more about the soup kitchen. The business course ends in November! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hair removal. Finally..
I was wearing this skirt with semi hairy legs. So happy that I can confidently strut in them after sugaring. Pay no mind that the photo’s angle makes me look pregnant.

I’ve only had my armpits “fire the laser”-ed (Dr. Evil voice) and currently observing how it will regrow. Will probably have my privates done in a few months.

In conclusion, I’m happy that my patience has increased several notches and that I’m not such a hairy monster (for now). Yay!

Today’s ulam (food/viand) at home is so nice, no? Hopefully I don’t die from it, hehe.


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