Hello, thirty-two.. 🎂

Weird, the WordPress client for Mac was having a tantrum a while ago.. Anyway, on to regular programming.

I turned a year older last Saturday. This was the only year wherein I didn’t have bad birthday blues. I used to dread this time, shit.

I’m so used to being a gift giver, that it’s kinda weird for me to be receiving things but thank you, I really appreciate them. I wouldn’t be bouncing and dancing while sitting down. I even stopped myself from crying..

ALSO yeah, food is always welcome – so, here we go:

Birthday cakes from Karen’s Kitchen! I was allowed to get up to 3 but I know we won’t be able to finish everything, so two was okay.
I’ve always loved red velvet. My friends used to give me a lot of cupcakes for my previous birthdays.
Chocolate ganache. Best eaten chilled.
Thank you 🙂


Saturday night was spent at Agnes’ gig. The salted caramel beer from Tipsy Pig is the shit. I need more!

The latter part was spent dancing. Thankyouverymuch. Now that I think about it, I’m sorry for that last stop. I admit to my mistake 😘.


Sunday. FOOD.

I can’t believe I waited so long before I tried Nav in Kapitolyo. I could eat the fresh spring rolls every day. It changed me, I swear.

The son-in-law eggs was also interesting. It had tamarind sauce with it but it was just as good by itself.

Fresh spring rolls
Son-in-law eggs


Monday. More food, of course.

Today’s snack stop were Blk 513 and 80 Queens. Red fries – yes, because cravings and the black yogurt has to follow because they’re just next to each other.

They tasted extra earthy today but I love them! Finished everything in one sitting.
Sunset tea is black tea, mint leaves, and strawberries.
The usual, hehe. I needed a break from my plain yogurt.

Work is still going well. The new site has me and one writer and since he’s out sick, I have to write a couple of articles today, but it’s okay. I kinda missed it anyway.

I need to complete the ones for the club also.

Happy Monday and we got this, okay?


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