Lipstick addict divine intervention..? 😘

It is no secret that for a non-girl, I have a lot of lip color:

Exhibit A: The lip colors I need to finish, The ones in the rightmost portion are my favorites, Nudestix is the shit <3.

Last week, I received an email from Sephora. It said that I can use my birthday discount. Of course, I’d get another Nudestix product.

The one I use the most is called “Mystic” and it’s the best shade EVER. It’s the one I’m wearing on the featured photo.

Anyway, the purchase didn’t want to go through and it made me think, “Is it because I still have a lot to finish?” Fast forward to today, and I tried to order again, but I can’t seem to find the birthday code. Lol, yeah.. must be that. Not yet time to buy another one..

Here’s to hopefully finishing everything before they expire (fingers crossed). Do you have this non-problem as well?

Yay for two consecutive posts. I’ll try to post daily again.



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