Always, ALWAYS something to look forward to.. 😎

Slight changes at work again. We got this.

Then again, new thing on Monday, which requires me to be out out. Yes, at night. The grandma in me is a little nervous, haha.

Oh, last Sunday’s volunteering was so much fun. Can’t wait for the next one.

Anyway, on to food.

Tuesday. Dinner at Lartizan went well. I can’t not order Crème brûlée when it’s on the menu. I just realized how much I can’t resist egg tarts as well. EGG IS LOVE.

Not going into much detail about the salad, soup, and main course but will surely be back here. I’d bring my mom.

It has that vibe. Titas would enjoy here also.

Ahhh.. This wasn’t in a normal ramekin but in a more shallow and bigger one. I needed help to finish it.

Wednesday’s lunch and dessert. Someone was craving for Yabu, so we went. No complaints, as I like this restaurant a lot as well.

Dory bento set. Ate half, hehe. It was a lot..
Favorite miso soup of all time. Yabu made me a convert the first time I tried it, a year ago (I think).
The Campfire cake slice is slowly becoming mandatory. It’s gone in one sitting (maybe two sometimes).. Uh oh..

Looking forward to many things starting tonight, as I will be socializing. Yeah, I decided to stop being a hermit and say yes to appointments until my birthday next week.

Hope you’re doing okay. Hang in there..


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