This weekend went very well.. πŸ’

Friday was yay, and it continued to Saturday and Sunday.

Friday. I tried to watch Riverdale on Netflix but it really bothers me that it’s totally different from what I grew up with. I’m sticking to my comics..

Note to self – Watch Captain America: The Winter Soilder, properly.

Saturday. Super fun at Cafe Enye and being a tita with the girls — women. Hahaha! Love you two.

Let’s do more of those, okay?

I will be back, Cafe Enye. Posted some of the food we tried on Instagram.

Lol, we kept looking at this Cucumber shake/cooler and we ended up getting one charged to our bill without actually trying it –  thank you for fixing it quickly, though. 

Maybe because every table was ordering it? They assumed we did as well? Ehh..

Check them out here.

This Lechon Cubano was goood. Excited to try many things in Cafe Enye’s menu.

Sunday. NatGeo Run! Earth Day was spent sweating  A LOT. I swear, the chicken and rice I had for breakfast was gone in 15 minutes.

Aside from the light-up laces, I liked the route. Whew, I’m not a big fan of going around the same areas for like three to four times.

My thighs are very, very happy. Downed some protein right after I got home. Gains, come to me.

Holla time with a brother. Haha! Apes rule!
Resting aka skipping (with brisk walking) is a must without proper PROPER training. We don’t wanna die.. I should go back to doing this every month. I’m not as sore today. Yay!

Happy Monday.  Hang in there.


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