Happy Easter and then some.. 😌

March to early April was really turbulent, I swear. Me drowning in anxiety was an understatement. Well, I’m alive. Yay! :*

Here we go. A recap of the past three weeks.

Quiet time has been helpful. Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Pagsanjan, Laguna is one of the most peaceful places for me.

This will always have a special place in my heart.

Also, how pretty is this flower at Barasoain Church?

Oh, hello there <3.

Now, have I told you about Citangs in Malolos, Bulacan? The place offers a lot of food and I wanted to eat everything. I am not joking.

Not in photo are Halo-Halo and a little glass of coke (plus pastiyema aka pastillas yema that I took home). Maybe I was THAT hungry.

The Sizzling tocino came with gravy, which tasted like Miriam College cafeteria’s magical sizzling sauce. It was so heavenly and nostalgic. Never mind that it was one of the hottest days, ever.

Beef noodles from Citang’s in Bulacan. Very good, I must say.
I know I said monggo is my new tocino but – tocino is tocino. I’m sorry, let’s not break up.

The anxiety was becoming too much, that I kind of resorted to retail therapy (of things I need, of course. What..?)

Finally, a DSLR. Here’s one of them, hehe. This child will be for work – and play (siempre). Very grateful for the opportunity to be stock photo girl for two outlets.

Thank you for lending me your camera, you know who you are. I wouldn’t have gotten the gigs if not for you.

Now, I must WERK IT and submit more, more, more. Hence, the pressing need to be out and *cough TRAVEL cough*. I’ve one lined up for June. Can’t wait!

Oh, and maybe one beach trip in May if my body cooperates.

The Iron Man cometh: Meet my child.
Pippy in all her muse-y glory.

Which reminds me. The anxiety made me lose weight yet again. Hey, it’s both an issue when you can’t lose and you can’t gain..

I miss my thunder thighs. I was actually in a healthier number before – based on my height.

I know I’m not healthy right now. My skin is telling me as well. I should be immune from breakouts because my BCPs said so, but no. Something’s not balanced. Help me.

I was armed with these the last time I was in Cebu.
Is it because I stopped lifting this much cat food? They deliver to our home now 😦

So since last week, I was trying to gain as much weight back..

Pasto, anyone?

Been a while since I’ve been to Pasto. The one in greenhills closed, so yeah. Mandatory Pollo Cremoso.
Pasto Crostini with mushroom smoked ham dip. So good, I had to save some for the next day, hehe.

Hello and Happy Easter!

Dinuguan cravings, finally satisfied. Thank you, Razon’s!

Easter Sunday goodness. This one disappeared really fast..


Okay, let’s not forget this one:

Duuude! Yessss.

Hope you’re doing okay. See ya!


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