Okay body, let’s do this.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

First run of the year. The self-proclaimed hiatus is over, as tomorrow marks the 21k comeback. No proper training though (again)..ย I woke up feeling better today. No more vomit-y feels.

Trying my best to finish a lot work, so I can sleep a bit earlier. Gun start’s at 4 am.

Now, FOOD!ย 

Today, I decided to go on a ramen roll. I believe this will cure me, haha. My instant Korean ramen from last night had to be reinforced, so it was just proper to go to Ippudo (Eastwood) today.

Look at that Yokohama Iekei..
My little bowl, all condiment-ed up with sesame seeds and garlic.

So, yay! I felt like I needed some dessert and since I had to run errands at Greenhills, dropped by at Happy Lemon and got my go-to orders:

Always, always: Green tea with rock salt and cheese with original waffle.

Re-connecting.ย Oh, I’m so happy ย that I’ve been getting the chance to talk to old acquaintances and childhood friends – and being able to know about how they’re doing now. What’s better is, we can now schedule to meet up and catch up properly.

Excited to see many people next week. This will be good while I’m in this, “yay I want to socialize with people” phase.

Happy weekend!


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