Food ‘balance’ and of course, pancakes 😁.

What do I mean by balance? I was referring to a previous meal of “fire and ice” from Ho Bing, hehe.

Let’s backtrack a bit. I had this meal last Wednesday, March 22 before the Hongkong trip. I prevously (aka another week ago) had just the shaved ice dessert. Of course it had to be strawberry flavored:


I had the small bowl to myself and I ate it until the last few spoonfuls. I was dying and shivering inside the shop –  not a joke, haha.

So, I felt like the next meal should at least be balanced. Enter, fire and ice: Spicy ramen and Mango Bingsu. Props to the kimchi on the side. Perfect.. OH YES.


Just look at that..

It was so good – to the very last drop of both dishes. Starting now, will order them like that.

Yesterday’s meal. Was at BGC yesterday and tried Sunnies Cafe for the first time. The featured photo is Chicken and pancake. Yes to this as well. The portion where the chicken touched the pancake had this very nice flavor. The spicy calamari was okay also but I’m still a CPK girl.

Subtly spicy. Good to try naman.
Aioli and sriracha dips for the calamari.
Avocado shake: tastes as nice as it looks

Our server, Toff was such a dear –  very attentive and polite. Would come back there for him.

Happy almost weekend, guys. Hang in there. We got this.


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