Hong Kong will always be ❀..

I’ve been very tired lately, so all I’m able to update are Instagram and a little of Facebook (aka my profile picture). 

I had a blast in Hong Kong. Food was great, as always. The cherry on top was seeing David Beckham in the flesh. 

I will be back soon, asap. I mean it 😏.

I should’ve said, “Mr. Beckham, I smell like you!” I’ve been using his Instinct perfume since forever. I actually need a new bottle now and I couldn’t find one anywhere πŸ˜‚.

Been having a lot of anxiety attacks as well. So was trying to just stay beside my dad. He knows everything about me now. ☺

For food posts, will try to start today. I’m out with my mom.

I got this. We got this. Take care, guys 😘.


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