Trying to focus on the good things..😥

This month has been crazy – challenging and got me questioning myself and my decisions but yeah, been trying to just hang in there. Thank you everyone, you know who you are.

Back to regular programming: third time to bleach my full head. My hair’s darker now. I love it.

This bleaching session was a little uncomforable, as I felt the little tingly itch in various portions of my head – something my scalp hasn’t felt in a while. I used a different kind of bleach, so yeah..

Anyway, I’m thinking of just toning it the next time and maybe another bleaching job. If not, just a root retouch.

Time for food! Thank you for the calming effect. Well, it helps a lot when I’m out of the house when I get panic attacks..

Tortuga Katipunan, which is a good 10 minutes away from my place has been my sanctuary; regardless if I chill by myself. Although, my very good friends follow for like maybe the last two hours before closing (1-ish am).

So I’ve gone there twice this week 😆.

I really love their cocktails and I can’t seem to bring myself to drink shit that’s not good anymore. Oh and yeah, everything’s pocket friendly, since it aims to cater to students. Quality is not sacrificed even if the prices are for student budgets.

Last night I tried two dishes and they didn’t disappoint.

Their elotes. I will always love corn, and cheese, and paprika.
Dear favorite Mexican, I would love to taste ’em like how they do it back home, yes?
Not only was the serving very generous, it made me want to eat it with rice.
Shared this with my friend Joe and had enough to take home – yes, to eat with rice.

Check out Tortuga Katipunan here and see you if ever you’ll visit!


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