Good to be back.. ❀

I’ve been too giddy with work lately, haha. I was publishing again this morning. Well, I didn’t know what to do with my day yet.Although I was sure there’s margaritas in between, passing by church, and then visiting my grandma in the hospital. She shattered her hip and needs an operation buuut, being over 90 – she needs a lot of tests before the doctors can give it a go.

Anyway, that’s been causing a lot of stress but yeah, I’m still fighting. So, fast forward to today. My friend, Agnes asked me to join her for food distribution and I was more than happy to go. I missed doing that. When I was with the NGO, I always took the chance when they wanted our department (Communications) to go with Operations

So yeah, was able to help distribute gelatin to the children. I tried my best not to eat them. Gelatin is my weakness, haha.

This is the only video I have, after we finished giving food to the kids 😊. I really, really missed this. My heart is so happy. I’m back, kids. I found my group.

Now on to the food I had today πŸ€—:

Beef Taquitos from Agave. They were okay. I din’t crave for tocino with rice after drinking, hehe.

I had this with three strawberry margaritas, for the win 😜.

Let’s backtrack a bit:

Yesterday, I visited a friend’s art exhibit. It was fun talking to people, yay – talking to Raya and my girls, okay. Haha

I love how my hair is so pale here. Thanks for this picture, Jamie. The pink’s wearing off.. Almost time to bleach again.

And two days ago:

Met the girls for ramen, Dindin’s birthday, and a mango margarita before bedtime – just because 😊.

Karaka-Men (with extra extra extra sesame) from Ippudo. I finished my (half) bowl. Second time there and still a very good experience food-wise.
Happy birthday, Lola Dinee!!!
Closing time Mango Margarita from Lo de Alberto

Hope your Sunday went well πŸ˜˜..


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