When you snap and wonder how you survived the episode.. πŸ˜…

I was so unstable the other day. Thankfully, I have people around me and in spirit (my sister, not a friendly ghost) to keep me calm.

It was scary, as it was something I’ve never had before. What ensued after,  disturbed me more because I felt too peaceful. It’s been too long since I had that. It was always the usual – my daily anxious self.

Still here, so yeah (and yay!)

Eating time!

I was at Greenhills yesterday and got these at the Chinese deli. I liked the one in the middle best. The other two had ample stuffing that made me feel too full..

But no, I need dessert. Hence, the featured photo. Crepe with just blueberry preserve and no whipped cream. It is love.

I spoke too soon. I had another episode a while ago. I know who triggers my shit. I just need to be more kind to myself.

It’s funny how it looks like karma for the person involved but it’s still bad because it’s at the expense of someone’s mental health – mine.

No worries, I’m doing something about it. I want to help myself while I still can.

Pretty productive today, so feeling a little bit more accomplished and hey, thank you. You know who you are.

Have a great day, guys!


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