Giddy butts.. I hope it goes well.. πŸ˜‹

Saying a prayer and crossing my fingers for something.. I hope I get a favorable answer. It’s a future thing. Anyway, Sunday.. The giddyness also applies to work.

Who knew I’d be this excited to work (for a few hours) on a rest day? No, it wasn’t required but I’m very happy about how the team is performing. Their numbers are getting better everyday. So proud.


Tried 80 Queens today:

Red beet fries, baybeh!

That’s cheese with bacon, yesssss. They’re good. There’s a tendency for oiliness but nothing paper towels can’t solve.

I had to make the food photos here a little bit better than Instagram, just because. Those snaps are just teasers and this here, is the main event. You know what I mean..

The drink is also divine. It’s called Sunset Tea. You can never go wrong with strawberry and mint. Yes, I drank it to the very last bits of fruit and leaves (?). Whut. Refer to featured photo, please.

Dessert from Dairy Queen. It’s been a while, thank you so much. I got Oreo – my default since I was maybe 13? But where’s the cookie bits?
There you go.. I’m okay now.
I got a new work table lamp – and yes, I know I have to tidy it up hehe.

I love my workspace and my Galaxy Note 5 so damn much. Extra love to the S Pen. “I can’t even!” It’s been a while since I used that expression.

Oh and minimal PMS today. Whew.. THANKYOUFOOD. You know, sometimes anxiety likes to just stay there and mess with your head randomly..

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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