A rather busy week with a full plate ❀️.

The past week was just, “wow”. I didn’t realize I could be that busy but still, I don’t want to complain. Better busy than nothing, I always say. I’m also happy they learned something from me. Congratulations on the regularization, yay!

But of course, there is always time for things and people – if you want to make time for them *wink wink*.

I finally got to round two of bleaching my whole head of hair. Thank you for not falling out. I’ve been subjecting it to such abuse, since the beginning of time. Now, a happy surprise came in the form of Barbie pink hair when the area closest to my roots came out pink.

Haha, I previously applied Blue steel, Rose gold, and Platimum (purply grape) to that and yeah, it just happened to turn pink. I love it. I might skip a couple of weeks of bleaching and take this lovely head of hair to the Art Basel.

My hair is pink, haha! It’s brighter in real life. The Snapchat camera captures its real color. Will post later. Yes, that’s  a tiny Maleficent on my phone and a bigger Aurora in my purse.

Anyway, food time. This Saturday was a national holiday, so our favorite carinderia was closed. Why not eat at Karen’s Kitchen? Since it was so near and as a first timer, I’ve been wanting to go there.

Karen’s Kitchen is a quaint and homey place. It smells super clean as well. My allergies were kept at bay.

We were able to try three dishes. My favorite one was the pasta, although I would have devoured that whole plate if it was Penne. I don’t know why, I just prefer that kind.

I was too full for dessert because we had two kettles of chamomile tea. It was super good. It was not my idea but I enjoyed it a lot, haha. I’m more of a Jasmine, Green tea kind of girl.

Anyway, I swear this is such a great place to have girly meetings, so I guess that’s why guys are rarely seen here – with the exception of someone I know. He doesn’t mind, haha. Where there’s good food, he’ll be there. (PS, I have yet to eat more of that new quesadilla, so i can write about it here).

They have cakes and pastries –  I have yet to try.
A venue perfect for tita (auntie)  slash grown-up meetings with your girl friends.
I love this touch on the lighting.
Mushroom truffle pasta. I liked this best.
Chicken pesto pizza (crispizza). I had one and a half slices. I was full from the pasta, haha.
Three cheese tomato puff tart, a best seller.

I’d definitely be back to try other stuff. Squid ink quinoa sounds inviting.. as well as the other squid dishes. I just feel like I have to try them, haha.

Karen’s Kitchen is located in Kapitolyo, Pasig 😘.


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