The best ramen in this country and more good things ๐Ÿ˜‡.

I just finished working and it’s okay. It was a very productive day – and safe to say I still have two jobs and yay for going to the Art Basel next month!

Whew. Giddy today as well.

So yeah, food! It was such a good day for food. It was my first time at Ippudo and I wasn’t disappointed. I finished my portion, which rarely happens in one sitting. Could it be because they don’t allow take aways? I don’t think so.

The food was really good, period. The condiments didn’t fail meย either. I’ve always been a sesame seed mill girl but there was fresh garlic and a press. My little heart was so delighted! I didn’t even have proper pictures, haha. The ones I took for Instagram look better, for some reason.

The featured photo was when I got ramen for my little bowl. Okay, I accidentally erased some of the photos. Yay for being a proper fatty and eating everything.

The came dessert, which was also a first for me. The Matcha Valentine cup did not leave me dismayed. I will be back for more.

Matcha Valentine cup from Blk 351

I really need to rest so I can shower and and be a grandma – I mean sleep.

Oh I don’t recall writing about having my whole head rebleached right? One more round of 40 volume and I’m ready for a proper Iroiro platinum (don’t worry, it’s a dark gray purple). My roots already have that color.

Have a good night! ๐Ÿ˜™


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