When a door closes, a window opens 🏠.

Yesterday, I received some happy news about work and yes, that’s what the title is about. I’ll keep mum for now until things become final.

Was at BGC twice yesterday. In the morning to register for the run and at night for a birthday party. Oh, I think I like roses now. Not the real flower (they die, boo) but when it’s represented as some other type of media like this one and tattoos.

Ah, BGC. Will be back here again in a little bit – like in a hour.
Registered for the 21k in April.

Today’s snack:

A Regular cheeseburger from Burger Avenue. Had four to take home, haha.

Anyway, I’m a little disappointed with myself because of an incident this morning. How did I get so good at self-sabotage? I wish I could stop doing it. Thankful for your patience and I really hope I didn’t screw up real bad this time. I’m scared it won’t be fixable the next.

Shit, I really need to help myself properly. Why is it so hard? I know I’m trying. Nothing to do  – but to just try and try.

A hangover stabbed me in the back today. I’m alive now. Back to work.


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