I never celebrated Valentine’s day 😘 (that I can remember).

I’m writing this two days after V day because I was busy – not celebrating it. I don’t know, there was a non-celebration that might count as one. Whatever.

Anyway, I could have celebrated it because I gave someone something – medicine. Haha. It was always a normal day for me because previously, I never had someone when the day would come and I’m cheesy enough to say that people should be sweet everyday. I know, I should stop.

So yeah, on to food!

Last night’s (Wednesday) dinner was at Madison Food Park in Kapitolyo. The Asian – the Filipino in me to be specific, felt that it was okay to be paired with rice. Hell, I eat everything with rice. Apparently, this would be bomb with tortilla. Then again, that’s your rice. Hey!

Slow N Low Smoked Beef Brisket from Smoke & Barrel


Dumplings were okay. I’m pretty partial when it comes to Korean food because I love Kaya the restaurant –  which reminds me, I need to go there soon.

Mandu (Korean dumplings) from Yeongyang Hansik

We also had some Tuna ceviche (kilawin) from Wow Tuna. I posted the photo on Instagram. Unfortunately, couldn’t finish it because of allergies. Rashes started to appear on the sides of my face, haha. Oh well. I washed everything down with beer, which I didn’t finish. Old age. I left a quarter of it.

Today’s (Thursday) lunch was at the favorite carinderia (eatery). I found a definiton online that said”low class restaurant”. I beg to differ because the place is airconditioned and very clean. It’s where you go to for some good old home cooking.

Chicken with oyster sauce


Dinner was at Eastwood with my mom. It’s funny how I always think I’m hungry enough to finish this whole bowl. I usually end up taking my leftovers home.

Chicken Shawarma Rice from Mazza

Good to be home, as I can see every one (again). I missed the two puppies (they will never be old to me) as well.

Yeah, I also miss my work table. Things will never be perfect but they will be fine/okay/happy/cute again. Haha, speaking of cute. I was told I’ve been using the word loosely. Apparently cute can mean annoying and well – the opposite. Whatever happened to proper sarcasm? Okay. Let’s use a different word then.

My former 20-year-old self would cringe at this but I’m looking forward to going to bed. I just finished work before I started this entry.



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