The weekend 💪.

Last Friday, I went up to Baguio with my mom. I just got back yesterday – after being stuck in the North Expressway for a good three hours, haha.

So yeah, I’m usually not a big fan of cold weather but when I’m up there, I’m a giddy little monkey who prances around like a weirdo. 11° C at night and around 14°C in the afternoon. Got home to a colder than usual Manila.

I’d make a joke about being a cold-hearted bitch but I’ve too much feelings the past year and it kind of doesn’t apply anymore. The trip was a bit stressul but productive nonetheless. Anyway, photos!

The strawberry taho was suprisingly better. I always remembered it to be a little on the sour side.
Hello, child I was papz-ing. She was nice enough to turn around and look at the weirdo aiming her huge phone (with a Brown Line Friends case) at her.
So pretty.
My mom getting Guava jelly for her mom.
Lovin’ the  color scheme at Hill Station, Casa Vallejo.

Tonight’s dinner:

Swung by the food park for some late dinner takeout (after a photo finish grocery trip). They didn’t have Agedashi tofu today..

Now I’m sleepy.. It’s not even 11 pm yet.

I made (mixed?) Blueberry Jello, by the way.


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