Adulting could be fun sometimes..🙆🏼

Hello, Tuesday! I realized I haven’t written for a few days, so here goes:

Adulting. I was at the bank yesterday and the experience was more pleasant. I was there for maybe 45 minutes but waiting wasn’t too awful. I saw how the line moved. We were all seated but I (like everyone else) saw how each client was being served. They even asked you to take your seat again instead of just standing by the counter until your transaction finished. Good job, Unionbank Shaw.

Did more errands today. Crepe cravings have finally been satisfied – just this afternoon but it wasn’t too wonderful. I miss the ones I get from Rockwell. I don’t even remember the name of the store but I just get the one with butter and sugar and it does the job.My other favorite is in Kapitolyo. Will get one from there as soon as possible.

I’ve been so weird the past few days. Yes, I have too many feelings. I’m normally like that but I can control them on regular days, haha. I feel a little sad but I know I have no reason to be. We got this. Red flag time commences in 3, 2,–

How’s your week so far?


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