Finally, I can move around properly 😋.

You know those small things that randomly make you happy? The ones that brighten a relatively sucky day. My nails and my hair help me with that 😏.

The past few days haven’t been sucky, even if there’s the impending PMS monstrosity coming soon, thank you very much.

Anyway, I had them done at the usual place last Saturday. By usual, I mean conveniently near my house. I had doubts but I still went on to get them done there. You see I want to maintain their length and shape. Long and oval–just because. I can still do chores with them and I like how I type with talons 😁.

In short, my nails came out all bendy. Not only is it inconvenient, it hurts –  and one of them almost broke yesterday. So today, I wasted no time and had them redone. Now they’re perfectly strong like acrylics. They’re even prettier 😘..

Hello from thunder thighs! Had my toenails painted red last weekend because–February. Haha!
Gelish is the shit. Sorry, Orly..

Thank you so much Ms. Elena of Mich & Myl Makati. I will be back next month.

Oh, I wasn’t able to take photos of lunch today, as I ate really fast but I had porkchops with rice and some mystery soup with malunggay leaves.

Home home today. Crossing my fingers I don’t get allergy attacks. See you tomorrow!


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