February, be good to me..

Tomorrow marks the start of another month. It makes me feel anxious how quickly the days are going by. I know I shouldn’t care but yeah..

Hello view, I missed you 😊.

Trying to keep positive about work. So far, so good 😏. Oh, day 2 of purely Android usage. Only issue I have is memory but I can live with it.

My voice is coming back, heyyy! I can sing along to Westlife’s “When you’re looking like that”, haha. I don’t sound the same but I’m making sounds! I just had to listen to it today..

Oh Typorama, I miss you so.. I didn’t have difficulties looking for stock photos when I don’t have my own to feature. Oh well πŸ˜….

What should I eat for dinner.. update: there was a burrito in the fridge. Thank you 😊. Almost done workingggg!


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