I was sick but it was Friday.. C’mon!

My runny nose and sore throat got worse yesterday–I became feverish, but still grateful I finished working. I can’t recall how many meds I took just to stay “alive”, haha.

Passed by the mall for a bit to get bigger luggage for my sister and..

I was “lured” (or so I think) by the popcorn. I got a small tumbler of cheese-flavored goodness.
Turks shawarma
I just had to get shawarma as well. Yeah, with the cheese popcorn.
Not re-ment but real food. My 7-year old playmate before heading out ❀
Et voila! Pizza! πŸ•

Then on to the usual Friday night out. All I had was Coca Cola and lemonade πŸ˜….

I got to stay up late and woke up (without my voice but okay) for work. Yeah, working on Saturdays now but it’s all good.

Oh, I was able to help in the kitchen today–and this is the beginnings of salsa 😊.

My sister leaves next week..


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