On patience and being calm.. 😌

I was never the patient type. I truly sucked at waiting, I swear. Why? In the past I thought I’d be wasting my time whenever I would wait. I was always looking for the faster way to finish things.

Lately I have learned to be more calm and to trust in the process. If you want something so bad, never give up on it. Fuck the what ifs. You have to at least try but don’t rush things. Feeling extra peaceful also, so yeah..


Waking up early tomorrow to wait for my sister finish her embassy interview. We have to leave at 4 am. Will be working as well, so I will be productive.

The confusing bun

Anyway, this pink thing is a strawberry bun from Bread Talk. It was my first time to try it. I was a bit confused of the texture. From how it looks like, I was expecting a rice cake-ish consistency but when I bit into it, it strangely tastes of chiffon 🤔.

The dragonfly

Oh, almost forgot to share this photo from last week. The dragonfly from the craft store ❤.

Dragonfly on a Pennybridge Filofax

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