How to say no: week 2 πŸ˜‰

Welcomed the second week of going out on Friday nights and so far, so good.

Yay, Friday the 13th! Passed by for a friend’s gig before heading to another place with Mae.

The issue with my alcohol consumption stemmed from anxiety and how a few years back, it helped me sleep when I was having attacks. Fast forward to a couple more years and I got used to drinking for whatever reason: I was bored, happy, sad, nervous, heartbroken–name it.

There came a time where I could no longer gauge when enough is enough, especially when shots rain on you from friends, bartenders, or even strangers. Then came that one time I almost died.. I told myself thay maybe I should stop drinking altogether. I did it for almost two months.

Now on week 2 after I started to slowly consume alcohol again. Last night went well, as I stopped when I felt it hit and politely declined when people offered me more. Sure I drank that big ass beer and had tequila shots but I made it home and remembered everything that happened 😊.

My 3 am-ish face with Mae. My sister said I look like a psycho. Okay.. haha. I was hungry and sleepy and trying to look “normal”. Thanks Bali balls for this photo πŸ˜‰.
Oh in the featured photo, the cherry was from our dear bartender and I’m not sure if this is a Cherry bomb. It tasted like it swam in Absinthe πŸ˜…. Thankyousomuch for this.

Anyway we got flowers today! πŸ˜† Woke up early for errands and feeling sleepy again–at 4 pm ✌🏼.

Take your pick! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

So many choices at the Dangwa flower market
Tomorrow, I will share about Jollibee’s new burger steak sauce. Happy weekend! 😘


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