NBI clearance

Oh my, hormones! 😱

I refuse to be sad but my body is telling me otherwise. I’ve been overdosing on sweets, no worries.

T minus 1 until ⛳️. Tee off?! No, red flag day. Pffft.

The internet connection at home refused to cooperate earlier, so there was some minor work-related stress. It’s been handled a couple of hours before shift ended, so that’s still a relatively great workday.

I’m writing this as I wait for my sister to finish her NBI clearance, hence the featured photo. Elapsed time is around an hour. She’s in the second bench now, thank heavens! Update: two-ish hours, not bad.

I dread the day that I need to renew mine as well but yeah, the line moves fast–compared to THAT bank we went to 😝.

Treats for the babies

They likes the treats, although they were shy to get them at first.


Whole Pet Kitchen treats


Whole Pet Kitchen treats




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