eat fresh

My grandpa’s (should’ve been) 92nd and treats for the tummy 😋

Workday was veeeery good today. So happy I know how to maximize my time with this new shift.

Lolo’s 92nd

My grandpa (mother’s side) should have turned 92 today. He’s been gone for 26 years now.

I was 5 when he was still here. I have vivid memories of his favorite food like apple pie and ube ice cream. He would share them with me. Maybe because I was his youngest grandchild. My sister was born shortly before he passed.

Before he left, I remember helping him with his tissues. The rolls were light blue and I would cut them in the little squares so it would be easier for him to blow his nose 😊

Today’s food post, of course.

Lunch was as Eat Fresh, since we went to my sister’s school and the adjacent craft store 😉.

I ordered the Curry beef tendon claypot rice. Yay, curry 😍.

Curry beef tendon claypot rice from Eat fresh

As usual, we had snow shrimps. First time to try the breaded scallops, though. I paired it with some peanut sauce–just because I like this sauce, haha. Mixed it with some sweet and spicy after. Not too good looking for a picture.

Breaded scallops from Eat fresh

Feeling some calmness today, although it’s been raining non-stop. I hope there will be no floods or anything..


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