Of bank queues and entertaining yourself.. πŸ€—

I finished work on time today. Well, maybe a little bit earlier.. Now at the bank with my sister.

As an advocate of online banking, I kind of despise waiting for hours and being helplessly unproductive but the thing is, this is where the payment should be made.

We shall not name the bank–just because ✌🏼.

Looking back, I just realized I have worked while waiting for some bank transactions to finish. Yes, this is why I don’t want to go back to a normal office EVER.

Anyway, we just decided to amuse ourselves. My sister said she should have brought nail polish πŸ’…

Why not? And stink up the air with it. Oh, boredom. Β We should’ve brought some books!

40 more people ahad of us and I start noticing how noisy one particular kid is..

I like kids but kids at the bank are different. Times like these, I re-evaluate myself and think, how did I become an art teacher for a year? I don’t know either.

The line is no joke. We got here and our number said, there’s 80 in front of us, HAHA!
No more seats. Soak up the sun, why don’t we? 😝


Ultimately, stare out the window..

It’s funny how your actual transaction with the teller doesn’t even last five minutes.

Will update this entry later 😘.

Waiting time was over an hour and transaction time was 2 minutes-ish πŸ€—

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