The new mushroom steak on the block and then some (my day) πŸ‘»

Finished early with work today. I guess it’s good to be a contributor for now. I can go whenever, as soon as I’m done with my part. Unlike before that I had to wait for writers to finish. Liking this..

Played with pigeons at church

Meet my first muse, Pidgey. I always call them that. There’s one that’s light brown, hologram-ish that I chased. I posted it on Snapchat πŸ˜‰

Snack time is rice time

When I was still working at the nonprofit in Intramuros, I frequented Jollibee A LOT and people who know me can attest that I can eat burger steak anyday, everyday πŸ˜….

So, going to this new Mushroom pepper steak. This version of McDonald’s is okay. Peppery.. spicy but I couldn’t taste much of the mushroom flavor 😬.

I would eat it again but I like Jollibee’s more.

On a totally unrelated note, is it just me or their chicken gravy has been spicier lately?

Random purchases

Anyway, I went to Toys R Us today and got this. Blind assortment Disney Princess keyring thing. I was aiming for Aurora but I also like Belle, so yay still ❀

It came in this pack:

Disney keyring (Photo Credits: Amazon)


And this bookmark from Happy Lemon

I feel like I want to go to the beach. Last work-ation was two years ago πŸ–..


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