Bubble waffles ❀

I had my first taste of bubble waffles in Hong Kong and I got excited when I saw that we also have them in Manila.

I consume a lot of sweets when I see them but I don’t really crave for them everyday. Anyway, back in grade school, I was addicted to Japanese cakes–specifically the custard and cheese filled ones.


After I finished studying, I didn’t know where to get them anymore, so I went back to the usual chocolates. So now.. bubble waffles!!!

Yesterday I tried Happy Lemon’s and it’s my favorite so far ❀.

Bubble waffles by Happy Lemon


Yo Panda! gets second place and Eat Fresh third. Will try the other variants, chocolate and green tea soon but I’m pretty sure I would keep going back to the original πŸ˜‰.

I have another post about the curry place we went to for yesterday’s snack (rice snack?!).

New Year’s Eve! Busy outside the market today. I have this weird urge to go to Disneyland. I’ve never set foot there.. πŸ€—


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