Clumsiness πŸ˜‹

I must admit, I am not the most graceful person you will meet. I’m really clumsy–I can’t even explain why.

The year’s about to end and I just remembered that fateful day when I kind of broke my face πŸ˜…. I saw a kid and her little accident a while ago when I was out getting snacks with my dad and sister.

It was a few years back. I could have forgotten when–on purpose. The weirdest part was I was not drunk; just anemic and tired.

Long story short, I met an accident when I passed out after getting out of a cab. I was napping the whole trip. My face hit a concrete pavement.

And ta-da:

I wasn’t able to go out for New Year’s countdown but I was already out a few days after–with my teeth still busted 😬

My lips looked nice, huh? Anyway, no front teeth there. They shattered when I tried to bite my lower lip to help myself not faint. Seven stitches and a lot of blood later, I was allowed to go home. My mom was so furious, like it was the end of the world.

My favorite picture of the titanium babies in my mouth 😬

I know I said I don’t smile in selfies but I do smile in normal pictures.

Yessir, with my good friends Joe and Mikey. Yeah, we were out drinking on this night 🍻

Well this isn’t really a smile. More of “show me your teeth”. I’ll look for other pictures for next time. Goodnight 😘


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