eat fresh

Chinese food and stress management 😌

Today I went to Little Baguio, San Juan because my sister was getting a planner from her favorite craft store. I stopped myself from getting more acrylic stamps, hehe.

Eat Fresh is just around the corner, so we might as well get our snacks from there. Today was stressful because there might be career changes underway but we’ll be taking it one day at a time. In short, I stress ate.

I decided to order Assorted balls soup–and because I’m so mature, the name makes me giggle 😂.. It was good, although not all the balls were to my liking. The square one (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called) was not as good as the others, according to my sister. I didn’t get to try it because my mom also had another type of beef soup and then–this:

eat fresh
Snow shrimp

I love shrimp. I’m allergic to it, but what the heck.. Save More (SM Supermarket) also has their own version and for some reason, it tastes better to me. Will assess again when I get another pack from the store. It’s probably from how long Eat Fresh fries their snow shrimp.

Oh, and the flea bites are a little annoying. I get them (as well as everyone in the house) when the garage cats have newborns. The bites on my legs are supposed to clear up soon. I was doing a good job of not touching them but it’s another story when I’m sleeping.

Re stress eating: for dinner, I had Jollibee Burger steak (2 pieces, of course), a peach mango pie, and more Bangus sinigang made by my dad.


See you tomorrow! ❤️


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