Work starts tomorrow–again πŸ˜‰

I’ve been doing homebased work for over a year now. No complaints, since I can do anything I want–while working. I don’t file leaves, haha. Except for that one time I got alcohol poisoning.

It’s all a matter of time management.

There was a time I spent 10 days and celebrated new year’s day workation-ing (if there is such a word) in the beach. It wasn’t such a good idea for my liver and lungs. I should know better next time.

Anyway, I took a proper leave last Christmas, just because. I kinda missed working, to be honest. That extended my days off to 3 days because I’m with the weekend team.

Today was spent watching Avatar and now I just finished my fish tacos.

Tacos, lo de alberto, citygolf ortigas
Fish tacos from Lo De Alberto, Citygolf

Vague post but yeah, very happy ❀.


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