Of typhoons and paranoia..

Being born in Manila and growing up here had accustomed me to annual typhoons. Heck, as a child I even looked forward to rainy season because it meant cancellation of classes.

All that changed a few years ago when Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy when it arrived here) had the first floor of our home filled with river water. Our area NEVER experienced flooding like that. I thought it was the end.

Seeing shows on TV with people perishing from flash floods scared the sh*t out of me. For some comic relief: I did not know how to swim. It scared me more.

View outside 7 years ago. Thanks to my trusty Blackberry. I got to capture this.

As it got dark, I tried to look at how downstairs was holding up. Things were all floating, okay.. With no electricity, we just did our best to wait for everything to be over. I was even anticipating for a rescue team to get us in case the flood will persist. The water subsided after a day. I’m thankful my family got through the whole ordeal. Not everyone was as lucky.

The catastrophe took many lives (with a lot of blaming, of course–the government, normal people, whoever others can point their finger at).

After that fateful day, a little rain leaves me anxious, wondering if the same thing will happen again.

Now, fast forward to today. There is another typhoon, which won’t be hitting the greater Manila area but I still woke up feeling weird that something unfortunate might happen. It sucks that I still get that but nobody can help me but myself. I just need to calm the f*ck down.

I’m still paranoid at times and it’s not easy to fight it but yeah, it can be done.. The sun is actually out now.. I just hope the people affected by the weather disturbance are doing fine.

More on anxiety in an upcoming post. Take care! 😘


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