Gnaw Snowberry

Christmas eve πŸŽ„

For many years, we have spent the holidays normally (a usual, not too extravagant dinner)–especially since our grandma stopped cooking, but today will be slightly different, as my sister (the chef) is home with us and she will be preparing a little something. More on that later. I’m feasting on this quirky bar of white chocolate.

Moving on, the instant camera arrived today. I got a mint one with a brown leather case. Can’t wait to head out and try it next week. Note to self: must get more packs of film.

The other ones (acrylic case, map leather case, and plushie) are my sister’s πŸ˜‰.

Lasagna update, here we go:

Conchiglie pasta was used because there was no lasagna pasta anywhere. We shopped last minute, yeah.. Ground meat and the sauce.

Some in-oven action going on over here 😍.


Et voila! Ready for Christmas dinner πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ³.

Peach muffins, coming up πŸ€—.


Ingredient preps:


To the tray!




They smell soooo good. I love cinnamon 😁.




Liking these a lot. I’m so full. What are you having later?


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